About us

The company has the most modern equipment and a highly qualified workforce, manufacturing over 10,000 items per day.


A company in tune with its time!

Aware of its social and environmental responsibility, Ferracini 24H is a company that believes in its role in building a better world, so it develops and supports various social and ecological projects.

Ferracini 24H is Brazil's leading brand!

Present throughout Brazil and distributed through 10,000 points of sale, the brand achieves a high level of acceptance in the market. Investing heavily in marketing and advertising, Ferracini 24H is the brand most remembered by our consumers.

Points of Sale!

Ferracini works for the constant evolution of its communication at the point of sale, providing customers with a mix of materials aimed at signage in the shop window, and made with noble raw material that attracts the consumer. Communication partnerships are also promoted, seeking to add value to the store's physical space, exposing the brand and its attributes through high quality modern design images.

Main Product Lines!


Sophisticated and Elegant. Noble leathers with exclusive cuts, mounted on a leather sole.


Genuine leather uppers with comfortable sole ensures durability and everyday comfort.


Sport shoes that bring a young and modern look.


Its aesthetic seeks leisure with attractive colors, comfort and a mixture of light materials.


With tractor soles, majestic shapes and a mix of materials as their basic features, they bring balance to sporty and casual style.


The sneakers collection brings a modern fashion and look, with a mix of textures that celebrates the current trend of sportswear in streetstyle.